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Succulents For Your Water-Wise Garden

Molly Jenkins (aka The Garden Doctor) is presenting a class for Don't Ditch Day called "Succulents for Your Water-Wise Garden." It will be an informal and interactive demonstration for people wanting to choose water-friendly plants. The class will also give some attention to solving problems you may have with existing plants.

Some of the questions the class will explore:

  • How do you choose a plant for your location?
  • Does the plant do well in pots?
  • Don't all succulents and cacti do well in the sun?
  • Do you need a special soil?
  • Do you need a special pot?
  • What are the most common mistakes for the succulent gardener?
  • What does drought-tolerant mean?

Molly Jenkins is a self-taught organic gardener, with fifteen years experience in solving problems ranging from insect control to mysterious die-offs. Specializing in soil rehabilitation, rose cultivation and cacti and succulents, she is able to solve almost any problem simply, efficiently, inexpensively, and organically.

Don't Ditch Day will be on Saturday, Sept. 20th from 10am - 1pm at The Growing Experience Urban Farm, 750 Via Carmelitos, Long Beach, CA 90805.

For more info, go to the Long Beach Free School page here!