We see cities experiencing a greater sense of community, collaboration, and citizenship through meaningful relationships.

COMMUNITY – the tangible experience of relationships within connected people.

COLLABORATION – the cooperative partnerships of individuals and organizations around a common interest or purpose.

CITIZENSHIP – the expression of hospitality towards our neighbors and the participation of residents in shaping our community.

Building relationships is core to our community development efforts – from both the bottom and the top – through the “underground” with the people-structures (social networks and local organizations) and “above the ground” with the power-structures (city government and established institutions). A common cause may bring people together, but it’s relationships that keep people together. We catalyze meaningful relationships that build trust in each other to produce connectivity. It is a slower, patient yet sustainable and long-lasting approach to more effectively bridging our community together.

We see the culture and climate of our city reinvented – where individuals find it easier to connect with social and volunteer opportunities, community groups naturally collaborate on projects of shared interest, and citizens and organizations share resources freely. We see leaders with a sense of camaraderie and residents with a sense of genuine care for one another. We see local businesses actively supporting local projects that contribute to a healthy and vibrant city. We see a community of catalysts – change agents that, when inspired, empowered, and resourced, develop innovative solutions to global and local problems.


A citywide relational infrastructure will be created that offers innovative tools, systems, and resources for individuals and organizations to empower them to connect around shared interests and to affect their neighborhoods in positive ways.

Our motto is to “connect and affect!”

We strive to create an environment that makes it easier for people to connect, collaborate, and share resources. 

Common Community Values

We believe that we are better together than we are apart. We need each other. Our communities may look very different, but what we all have in common are these broad values that give us a reason for coming together. We call these our Common Community Values:

Building Relationships – we believe that intentional connections that foster authenticity and understanding enhance the peaceful climate of our community.

Establishing Partnerships – we believe that the strategic partnerships of individuals and organizations in collaboration towards a common interest make us more effective in our community.

Inspiring Growth – we believe that experiencing a broader understanding of ourselves, the community, and our world enhances our potential.

Encouraging Contribution – we believe that the strategic sharing of resources and the active participation of residents giving back to their community is the most effective way of addressing our practical and tangible needs.