We believe that we are better together than we are apart. We need each other.

But it's not always easy to connect. We're often disconnected and fragmented and it's easy to get lost in our communities. Sometimes there are too many differences to see how we are the same. Sometimes there are too many people to know how we fit. Sometimes there are too many problems to know how to make a real impact. It can get overwhelming.

We believe that a necessary first step for social change is to inspire people to care - to have empathy towards each other. When more people care, then that changes the way we relate with each other. This becomes the glue that transforms the way we connect, collaborate, and share resources.

Connect and affect.

That's our motto. When you become part of Team Catalyst, you join a network of fellow catalysts, change-agents, and social innovators who are offering ourselves (skills, time, resources, knowledge, and experience) to advance a worthwhile vision.  Connect and affect.  

We see the culture and climate of our cities reinvented – where individuals find it easier to connect with social and volunteer opportunities, community groups naturally collaborate on projects of shared interest, and citizens and organizations share resources freely. We see leaders with a sense of camaraderie and residents with a sense of genuine care for one another. We see local businesses actively supporting local projects that contribute to a healthy and vibrant city.

We see a community of catalysts – change agents that, when inspired, empowered, and resourced, develop innovative solutions to global and local problems.