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The Compassionate Combatant: A Knowing of Heart & Spirit

Cheryl Quintana Leader is a featured human book at our upcoming Human Library event on May 31st. Her life's human book title is "The Compassionate Combatant: A Knowing of Heart & Spirit." The little girl with straight cut bangs sat happily at the Rodeo of Rodeos parade keeping a tight hold on her pet (her treasured mutt, Dippy) via a captured black & white Arizona Republic moment, to emerge as a Phoenix in flight winging a course less explored in a quest to unveil her cultural blend and goddess identity.   

While she originally sought to become a heart surgeon or an eye surgeon (due to her fascination with the intricate workings of our "inner galaxy" -- the body), her path inadvertently led her toward the arts (the "galaxy of creation"), where she is now able to share her writings and imaginings -- film/video work, as a means to educate and heal the way we feel about one another and how we can truly see each other.

Hear more of her story personally by checking her out for 15-20 minutes at the Human Library event, Saturday, May 31st from 1-4pm at the Long Beach Main Public Library, 101 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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