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Rising Phoenix: A Story of a Woman’s Rise To Empowerment

Lisa Mae Brunson is a featured human book at our upcoming Human Library event on May 31st. Her life's human book title is "Rising Phoenix: A Story of a Woman's Rise to Empowerment." A woman born in an abused and poverty stricken family, grows up to cultivate love, compassion and a sense of empowerment, while on the path to enlightenment. Through her journey, she comes out as a bisexual woman, writes a memoir describing her life being sexually abused, and launches a hugs campaign embracing 7,500 people while gifting poetry books. While meditating in 2010, she is inspired to launch EqualityTV, a multimedia company highlighting marginalized communities in an effort to celebrate humanity and provide a platform for the underrepresented. This woman, who was once too afraid to step out of her home in a bout of agoraphobia, becomes a Social Innovator, and launches a career speaking at community centers and campuses, and producing major events in an effort to teach others how to live an empowered and compassionate life.

Hear more of her story personally by checking her out for 15-20 minutes at the Human Library event, Saturday, May 31st from 1-4pm at the Long Beach Main Public Library, 101 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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