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Breastfeeding Advocate Facilitates An Underground Community


Maricela de Rivera is a featured human book at our upcoming Human Library event on May 31st. Her life's human book title is "Breastfeeding Advocate Facilitates An Underground Community." Having only been breastfed three months as a baby, Maricela de Rivera never intended to breastfeed past six months, and thought she might even stop before that. And she never intended to do it in public, ever. After the birth of her son she discovered the secret joys of breastfeeding, and the painful truth of doing it in public. As three months turned into six, and they approached one year, Maricela knew she wouldn't wean him and instead let him wean himself, as nature intended. This three and a half year journey has made Maricela a breastfeeding advocate. She created a closed online Facebook group in July 2012, Breastfeeding Support for Long Beach Area Moms, and invited her breastfeeding friends to join. That initial group of 52 moms has swelled to 464. Educating moms about normal infant development, the misconceptions of which are often a barrier to breastfeeding, has become her passion. She talks to friends, family and strangers about the benefits to moms, babies and the community as a whole, all while breastfeeding her own toddler.

Hear more of her story personally by checking her out for 15-20 minutes at the Human Library event, Saturday, May 31st from 1-4pm at the Long Beach Main Public Library, 101 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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