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Human Library Helps Inspire Empathy

*Photo above taken from the Facebook page of Human Library Organization.

What if instead of checking out a book at the library, you could check out a human?

Catalyst Network of Communities, through our Long Beach Free School project, has partnered with the Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach Time Exchange, and Eayikes to host a Human Library event on May 31st. Check out today's write up at LBPOST here.

Held at the main library in downtown Long Beach, the Human Library event will be an opportunity for people to check out a Human Book for 15-20 minutes. You'd be free to engage with the person so that you can gain a better understanding. Listen to personal stories, ask questions, or just have a conversation with someone who has an intriguing background. This is a great way for you to cultivate your empathy towards others.

Would you like to apply to be a Human Book? Contact Rachael Rifkin at