Steering Committee Bios

Sharon Moiseiff founded and directs the Long Beach Free Store, and serves on the board of the Catalyst Network of Communities. She sits on the steering committee for the Whittier Time Bank, and is a co-founder of the Make Space: Free Store & Artisan Work Lab project in Whittier, California. She sits on the board of The Whole Place at First Christian Church. She is a sharing economy enthusiast who started organizing free swap and community exchange events in 2009. In 2010 she established the Seven-Ten Swap at the Long Beach area community center operated by Catalyst, offering a free monthly community exchange and potluck. A year later she founded the Long Beach Free Store, a program of Catalyst, which has had three Long Beach brick-and-mortar locations since its opening – and continues to operate without a current location through pop-up free store events. Moiseiff has participated in numerous sharing economy and community building events including the Catalyst Center for Urban Sustainability, the Catalyst Giving Chain project, the Long Beach Human Library and LA’s Prom Closet, as well as over a hundred free swap and community exchange events and pop-up free store events all over Southern California.