OCTB Addendum

Orange County Time Bank

Membership Agreements

As an Orange County Time Bank (OCTB) member, I agree:

  1. To clarify all details of my time transaction before meeting with any Time Bank member.
  2. To respect all time bank members’ privacy and confidentiality.
  3. To recognize that my service is optional.
  4. To respect all time bank members’ home, property, and valuables.
  5. To refrain from smoking or bringing pets in to any time bank members’ home, unless invited to do so.
  6. To use the hOurworld web platform to log my time exchanges, or to arrange to have another member or OCTB staff to log my time exchanges for me (may or may not cost time hours, to be negotiated).
  7. To seek out offers that appeal to me.
  8. To maintain at least one service offer.

Code of Conduct

These are general expectations for all employees, staff, volunteers, and participants in any Catalyst project, program, or activity.

  1. Support and affirm the vision, mission, and values of Catalyst.
  2. Refrain from engaging in any unlawful activity.
  3. Maintain a safe environment for everyone. Any form of physical, verbal, sexual, or virtual (online or text) harassment, bullying, intimidation, fighting, violence, or unwanted sexual advancements will not be tolerated. Respect everyone’s sense of personal space and privacy. If you observe or if it is communicated to you that someone is uncomfortable with your proximity to him or her (whether in person or online), please take some reasonable distance.
  4. Treat all persons with respect and dignity. Maintain a sense of fairness, ethics, and personal integrity.
  5. Uphold high standards of financial integrity, transparency, and accountability.
  6. Maintain effective communication with others providing reasonable and timely response to correspondence, email or phone voice/text message.
  7. Contribute to creating a positive and supportive environment. Recognize that gossip, negative attitudes, and overly critical remarks can inhibit our collective efforts for building a sense of community.
  8. Attend and participate in meetings for projects in which you have volunteered.
  9. Handle personal conflicts with other individuals maturely, productively, and privately (one on one) away from the view of participants and guests. If needed, utilize a mediator.
  10. Report any accidents, potential hazards, and incidences of abuse immediately to the Executive Director or Project Director.

Liability Form

Please complete the liability form below.

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Please read and click the checkbox next to each item to acknowledge that you have read and agree to each of the items. Your application will not be accepted unless all checkboxes have been marked.
Please type your full name into the box to indicate your electronic signature acknowledging that the information you have provided on this form is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Note: a date/time stamp will be logged upon submission of this form.