Human Book Application

Human Book Application

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We could not have a Human Library without the Human Books! As a Human Book, you are not just a storyteller per se that shares in one direction. This is about having an interactive conversation that engages two people - the Human Book and the "Reader." 

We are looking for volunteers to be a Human Book that can have respectful conversation with members of the public. Applying to become a Human Book does not guarantee a spot on the Book Shelf. We will need to ensure we have a wide variety of books without too much duplication.

Human Books will need to:

  1. Attend the one-hour Human Book Orientation meeting the day of the event, Feb. 27th, 2016 at 1:00pm. (2pm - 3pm is your free time/prep time, 3pm - 6pm is the public "reading" time.)
  2. Be available for public "readings" through the end of the event at 6:00pm. (Please do not leave early.)
  3. Email two photos that we can use for promoting your book: (1) head shot photo of you, (2) a photo or image that represents your topic. Send high resolution images, if possible. Email the photos to
  4. Fill out the form information below.
  5. Commit to authentic and respectful dialogue about your topic with your readers without self-promotion or proselytizing.

For examples of past human books and their book titles, click here to see our Human Library event in Long Beach last year.

Name *
Phone *
Your phone number will not be shared with anyone.
What would be the book title of your life? Or the part of your life that you want to share with others.
Write a brief and compelling description of you as a human book. Capture the interest of potential "readers" to choose your book to read.
Are there any particular stereotypes about you or what you do that you would like to help overcome?
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