Catalyst Pioneers

Catalyst Pioneers


Catalyst Pioneers is a leadership training program that equips and empowers local community members with both organizational and organizing skills to create social and environmental impact.

Participants will be trained to:

  • articulate their own ideas for change
  • create a social impact map
  • examine root causes upstream and effects downstream
  • engage with affected people, create strategies for storytelling, and inspire empathy
  • recruit supporters and volunteers
  • build coalitions through a partnership network
  • leverage group power to catalyze meaningful change 
  • program development
  • project management
  • leadership styles
  • impact measurement
  • create budgets
  • understand resource development models
  • facilitate financial sustainability strategies
  • manage bookkeeping

Participants will be trained to think systematically by grouping together and creating new projects that complement each other as well as existing Catalyst projects focused on waste diversion, sharing resources, upcycling, and other environmental issues. 

After graduating the leadership training program, Catalyst Pioneers will be part of a support network with other graduates, emerging leaders and future graduates of the program. They will continue the projects they started under the umbrella of the Catalyst organization while collaborating with peers and mentors.

If you are interested, send email to