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MAMA RAINBOW Featured at Long Beach QFilm Festival

Catalyst is excited to be partnering with the Long Beach QFilm Festival in screening MAMA RAINBOW as part of the 2014 QFilm Festival-- Long Beach’s longest-running film festival.

Fan Popo’s touching documentary MAMA RAINBOW opens with a series of street interviews with passersby about their feelings on homosexuality. The filmmaker follows this with a more pointed question, one which leads us into the heart of Mama Rainbow: “What if your son or daughter told you they were gay?” In the film, we meet six different Chinese mothers, all the parents of gay and lesbian children, who share their experiences with the camera. Though the specifics of their stories are all quite different, each of the mothers experiences their own version of a “coming out” tale—recognizing, acknowledging, and accepting their children’s sexualities. MAMA RAINBOW paints a hopeful portrait of the slowly changing mindset of a culture where the fear of persecution and rejection still makes coming out and living openly a great challenge.

MAMA RAINBOW will be showing at The Center on Sun, Sep 14th at 1:30pm.  Seating is limited, so we’re encouraging everyone to buy tickets in advance.  They are available at We hope to see you there!

About the Festival (Long Beach QFilm Festival):

Long Beach’s longest-running film festival since 1993, the Qfilm Festival annually presents narrative features, documentaries and short films that embody the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. Last year’s event was the most successful yet with over 1,500 attendees and featured several West Coast, Southern California and area premieres as well some of the most acclaimed features on the 2013 film festival circuit. With one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the state, QFilms Long Beach is THE queer film festival to see AND be seen. All proceeds benefit The Center and our LGBTQ community programs.

About the Organization (Long Beach QFilm Festival):

The Center Long Beach Q Film Festival’s mission is to present films that embody the LGBTQ community. Along with The Center Long Beach, we advocate the inclusion of all individuals into a free and just community, without judgment or restriction due to sexual orientation or gender expression.