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Meet Sambo and Vansong

Can you imagine leaving your home country because you didn't have enough food for your family, then walking for 3 days and 3 nights to a neighboring country with the family in the hope of being able to feed them? That's what Sambo experienced in 1980 having left Cambodia and then went to Thailand, moving from camp to camp. Her mother passed away at one of the camps. Her journey eventually led her to the Philippines then to the U.S. She and her husband Vansong have a touching story, and they share some of it here with us as Links #30 and #31 in the Catalyst Giving Chain. Watch them here!

Meet Rita

This is Rita. She is a fashion designer and researcher and is passionate about creating more jobs in Cambodia in the fashion industry - not just low-level production but also creating fashion design. As Link #28 in the Catalyst Giving Chain, she's got a great message! Get to know her a little bit through her video here:

Applications Now Available for 3 Meals Documentary

Catalyst has partnered with The Center Long Beach for our new project 3 Meals - a project that brings together individuals who are characteristically different from each other to spend a full day of sharing stories while sharing three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

The project begins with the 3 Meals Campaign: "Sexual Orientation" bringing together 5 individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, and asexual to spend an entire day together to become better known and to better understand each other without debate, defense, or desire to convert perspectives.
We will be creating a documentary film on their Meal experience and their back stories and we are looking for participants. We're now accepting applications from anyone interested in being considered. The deadline to submit applications is Saturday, July 26, 2014.

For more information or to apply, go to our 3 Meals project page here.

Meet Vouchmeng

"Meng" is a wonderful woman who is passionate about preserving Cambodian culture and especially wedding traditions. As Link #27 on the Catalyst Giving Chain, she received a hand-made Cambodian outfit that she can add to her collection. As a refugee, she traveled from Cambodia to Thailand, and eventually made her way to the U.S. and landing in Long Beach where she settled, went to school, and built her career of serving others. Watch what she has to say in the video below!

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Watch more videos at the Giving Chain project page here.

Meet Socheat

The next participant in the Catalyst Giving Chain is Socheat. He established the Mietophoum National Library and Cultural Center (aka the Mietophoum - Khmer Spirit Center) located in Cambodia Town at 2338 E. Anaheim Street, Suite 102, Long Beach, CA 90804. His heart is to preserve Cambodian culture, history, literature, and music while educating people about his culture. As Link #26, he received $50 worth of books to add to their extensive library! Check out his brief video here.

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Watch more videos at the Catalyst Giving Chain project page here.

Meet Jane

This is Jane. She's a young college student at Cal State University, Long Beach. As Link #24 in the Catalyst Giving Chain, she shares her story of what it was like to look after her younger sisters when her mom got sick and had to live in Mexico until she recovered. Check out her brief story here!

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Meet Brandon

Brandon is a cool guy with a passion for acting and movies. He currently goes to Cal State University, Long Beach majoring in Film.  He wants to use acting as a way to encourage others. In this video, he talks about what it was like for him as a kid being shy and bullied and how his friends played a key role in helping him to come out of his shell. Shara (Link #22) chose Brandon (Link #23) as the next participant in the project and so we got him some t-shirts at Target. Check him out!  #gocatalyst #givingchain #InspireEmpathy

Meet Keith

As Link #20 on the Catalyst Giving Chain, Keith shares about his life recovering from drugs and alcohol and how he's used those experiences to help others. Watch his video here and please like, comment, and share it!

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Meet Daryl

This week's video for Link #19 on the Catalyst Giving Chain is of Daryl. He's got a genuine passion for serving those who are homeless and anyone who seems to be in need. Check him out!

We didn't have a sponsor for this participant which means we won't be able to sustain the project for much longer without your generous support. Can you help by making a donation so that we can continue doing this project? Anything and everything helps! Thanks! You can make a tax-deductible donation here:

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Meet Conrad

This week's video of the Catalyst Giving Chain is Conrad. He is Link #18 on the project and here he talks about being a student, working in a hospital, and shares his thoughts about empathy. Check out what he received from us because Shelly thought of him!

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