OC Time Bank: Santa Ana

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The mission of the Orange County Time Bank (OCTB) is to build and strengthen relationships within Orange County, California by connecting people’s unmet needs and untapped resources. 

We do this through the use of “time banking,” a system in which members give and receive services and skills using “time dollars” (aka "time credits"), a community currency that uses time as an indicator of value.

The concept is simple: One hour equals one time dollar, regardless of the service given. From dog-walking to graphic design, community organizing to tutoring, cooking lessons to massage therapy, everyone’s time is valued equally.

We use a web-based software called Time and Talents through hOurworld.org where you will keeptrack of your time dollars earned and spent and search by category for postings of services offered or requested.

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UPDATE: The Orange County Time Bank is currently inactive.

Joining the OCTB is an easy 2 step process:

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