Our FREE THE RADIO campaign advocates for the development of Low Power FM community based radio providing local terrestrial and digital radio services, acting as a resource for connecting stakeholders around current issues, and introducing audiences to new talent, businesses, and events while increasing civic and community engagement.


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In May of 2016 the Federal Communications Commission granted construction permits to us, along with seven Los Angeles-based non-profit organizations, to build community radio stations in the Los Angeles area. The organizations will immediately begin to build their stations to bring new voices on air to 101.5 FM. Our organizations will bring greater viewpoint diversity to Los Angeles radio and will work collaboratively to bring their stations to air. 

Our Low Power FM media timeshare partners are:

Once our terrestrial radio tower is constructed, our geographical location will allow us to amend our FCC license to transition out of our initial timeshare group and become a singleton radio station, broadcasting 24 hours a day in the city of Long Beach, CA as well as globally online. 

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